About Me

Here I am taking it easy. My name is Mike and I live in West Virginia. I have been tinkering with BEAM robotics since the Fall of 2002. Recently, I opened an eBay store aimed at supporting my R/C addiction.

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Yep, I'm heavily into Radio Controlled models. I currently have almost 30 vehicles and 4 aircraft. I am a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) and a member of a local flying field. My R/C experience goes back 24+ years. I like tinkering with all the newest R/C technologies and helping others become involved in R/C modeling.


Here's Me and my Wife Susie. We are happily married with no kids (yet). We are currently searching for a home in a country setting near our hometowns.


These are our cats. The white one is named Maceo. He's my cat and his #1 trait is Loyalty. Believe it or not, this cat plays fetch! He's always waiting for me when I get home and he follow's me around almost like a dog. The walker robot I built really gets him going nuts! He doesn't know if he should run away or play with it! Funny!

The dark cat is Susie's cat, Ms. Prissy. She's a tortise shell persian which means basically she's mostly hair. I mean I'll just bet that she has over a pound of hair! It's like 3 or 4 inches long! She's a good cat that came from an abusive home to our loving home. Me and Maceo have been getting her to play and jump around more and I think she's well adjusted to her new living arrangements.

And here is another hobby of mine. This is my 1969 Camaro SS396. This is a completely restored classic car with matching numbers. It was already painted when I got it. Me and Dad rebuilt the transmission and rear-end in the garage during the Winter of 02-03, and in the Winter of 03-04 we replaced the camshaft with a wild street/mild race cam, solid lifters, and Harland Sharp Roller Rockers. We had some troubles with the cam swap and ended up having to replace the Main bearings, Rod bearings, and Oil Pump. The first cam we got self-destructed inside the engine shortly after start-up. Luckily we didn't have any major components damaged.

Here's a closer look at these Beautiful Crager SS wheels. I bought these babys in the spring of 03, and I think they really set the car off! I still have the original Rallye wheels from Chevrolet just in case I sell the car. I actually have many original pieces from the car before restoration.

This is an original 396/325 HP car. Notice the red spark plug wires. These are made by MSD Ignition. There's also an MSD Pro Billet Distributor, MSD 6AL Ignition with Rev Limiter, MSD coil, and MSD shift light tucked into the car. There's not enough room on this site for all the details but, I'll just say, this car is ALOT of fun to drive!

Well, that's it for the About Me section for now! Hopefully you enjoyed this little trip into my usual life. I will probably be expanding this section a little so friends and family can keep up to date with my current events, eventually.
This page last updated on May 7, 2006