Site News

- May 7, 2005 - Removed Wedding Page, Added R/C Car pages, Updated On The Bench, Updates About Me Page

- February 15, 2005 - Added page for the BEAM archive located on Gmail! Also added teaser photo of my Turbot 1.0 and updated general news and info on main page.

- October 9, 2004 - Updated site with a counter. Added new detail photos in Little HUG and Dangerbot!. Added Ticker's page. Updated links section, added BEAM Video section to Links page. Added 1381 Photopopper Schematic to Circuits page.

- July 13, 2004 - Announced Me and Susie's Wedding. Put our picture on the main page with a link to the new Wedding Photos page. This made it easy for friends and family to view and download pictures.

- May 22, 2004 - Added page for Little HUG the headbot!

- April 22, 2004 - Introduced Current News section to the home page as well as updated the Links page to include several new additions. Adjusted the site info section below the navigation bar on the home page to try and make the links a little more visible.

- April 17, 2004 - Added Dangerbot PDF link to the Dangerbot page and added the pagefooter.

- April 16, 2004 - Repaired the About Me page. I had several comments about the photos covering up the text. I simply reformatted the page to match the rest of the site. I originally intended for this page to be different than the rest of the site simply to practice using some other code structure. This will have to wait until a later date and will probably be seen in a whole new skin later on. One nice outcome however is that I discovered how much simpler the rest of the pages could be coded. Hmmmm....

- March 11, 2004 - Site moved to Solarbotics.Net Server. Solarbotics has been gracious enough to host this site on their high speed server in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is an Honor for this site to be recognized by Solarbotics and I hope this is the beginning of a long association with this company. Thank You Solarbotics!!

- February 24, 2004 - ROBOBUGS.NET is now W3C approved! This means that this site meets the strict guidelines of the web standards. That means all the code is right and if there are any "bugs" left, they're not because of improper use of the HTML or CSS tags.

- February 17, 2004 - Due to some feedback from my readers, the ABc v4.2 circuit on the Circuits page has been fixed. There were 2 mis-labeled transistors in the schematic. Please make note of this if you downloaded this schematic. The top two transistors were the ones in question and are supposed to be 3904's. Note that if your browser uses a cache to store recently visited pages, you will need to clear the cache before you can see the fix. Another problem that was reported concerned the About Me page. As you can see, this page uses a different layout than the rest. If the text and pictures collide on the screen, try using at least 1152x864 resolution. This page was designed using this resolution and I recommend using this resolution if possible. The other pages shouldn't have this problem because each picture and each line of text is on its very own line. I also found a few little pieces of stray black text at the bottom of some pages, they're fixed now! The Dragster robot page has been properly linked to the style sheet file. It wasn't doing this because the cases weren't precisely the same between the file name referred to in the html code and the actual file name. SWAT!! Dead "bugs".

- February 16, 2004 - On-Line! Up and Running! I hope there's no bugs!

- February 13, 2004 - WWW.ROBOBUGS.NET is accessible to the WORLD!!! Frantically trying to complete the last few pages so I can begin telling people to check out the site.

- February 12, 2004 - Registered ROBOBUGS.NET Domain name and set-up URL and e-mail forwarding

- February 11, 2004 - Finished debugging for the case sensitive problem. Now I'm working on the About Me page.

- February 10, 2004 - Uploaded some of the site onto my web space account to see how it worked. Well, it seems that the server's operating system uses Linux or Unix because it is case sensitive when it comes to file names. Now I have to go through all my code and make sure the file names match the actual files exactly.

- November 2003 - Began work on ROBOBUGS.NET. Website born-on date approx. Nov 2003