Here is Satellite. He is a vibrabot, which means all he does is vibrate. This bot was more of an artsy practice piece. Even though Satellite may look good, he doesn't work hardly at all. The motor leads got screwed up inside the motor can when I was building him so now he only works when he wants to.
Satellite (side)

Satellite (another side)

Here's the side veiw of Satellite. The coily wires were made by twisting them around a paperclip. The frame is made of paperclips and covered with wire insulation for looks. Satellite uses a Miller SE with a 1381J trigger. The main caps are 1200uF each for a total of 3600uF. The timing cap is a .47uF and the solar panels are both 24x22mm units from Solarbotics.
Satellite (underside)

Probably the coolest thing about this robot is that it was the first one to use my new solar panel mounting technique. The solar panels are attatched to come old circuit board using servo tape. The leads are then soldered to the traces on the board. The negative line is connected to the chassis, as are the caps. The positive line connects to the SE from the wire trace on the board. Neat huh? If you'd like to try this yourself, there's some detailed info in my Techniques section. As for Satellite, he will eventually be recycled and this page will be his legacy.