What's a Robobug?

Hello! Welcome to Robobugs.Net! I suppose you're wondering just what the heck a Robobug is. Well, a Robobug is really a creature containing a blend of Robotics and Bugs. When you look around, you probably see alot of different kinds of bugs and insects. But, have you ever thought about how they work? Like how their tiny bodies can perform such tasks as flying, walking, climbing, jumping, etc. Well, I wonder about these things.

Scientists have spent many billions of dollars researching and developing some of these simple systems that bugs have been using for millions of years. Unfortunately, scientists use computers and software as the "brains" of most of these projects. Computers were developed by man and require programming for every possible event. With bugs, some of this information is 'Hardwired' and takes care of itself. Like a Fly knows how to fly from the start and a Spider can spin a web instinctively. Cats are mechanically perfect acrobats with lots of instinct and flexibility.

BEAM Robotics strives to 'Hardwire' behaviors and abilities in very simple robots. The more the thing can do on it's own, the better. This frees up programming time which can be used for other purposes. If you put a camera and direction controls on a Solar Powered BEAM Walker, you could view the world AND walk around in a very capable manner. Also, you could incorporate sensors (temperature, humidity, oxygen level, etc.) and send data back to be used however you like. Simply "point the way" with gentle pulses of power and let the leg system walk you there.

Mechanical design is equally important. Creating robots with flexible, yet capable limbs is very important. If the limbs are too stiff and have no joints, they could be crushed by an object falling on them. A better design would use several joints along the limb with a springy-ness to them. They can bend out of position, but will return when load is reduced. When travelling over rocks or rough terrain, this will also help maintain solid footing.

In some BEAM walker circuits, even if a leg or two are completely removed, the robot can still move in several directions. BEAM robots with copper house wiring for legs have been used to clear minefields. If a leg is bent, no problem, the robot adjusts itself to produce the best walk for it's current condition, whatever that may be.

BEAM Robotics will no doubt play an important role in the years to come. With Nano-Robotics making fantastic progress, simple and capable designs will be needed. The BEAM philosophy and simple electronic designs could contribute the main ingredient for future autonomous robotics, INSTINCT.


On The Bench

Right now, I have a neat little brass box called the "Vegas Coffin" which needs a complete circuit. I want it to blink 6 blue LED's all the way around when the sun goes down. Of course it will be charging all day long to prepare. For a detailed description of the requirements for this circuit, check out On The Bench.


Other projects include a 2 wheeled platform to build circuits on. It has a breadboard and 2 BEAM compatible H-Bridges powered by 4.8 volt Ni-Cad batteries. Simply a larger scale BEAM platform to experiment with. Check out On The Bench for more details.


I have also made a 2 motor walker platform. It is made of Brass tubing and plate. It uses 2 BG Micro Lens motors for motivation and can fit a small 4.8 volt battery pack for power. Check out On The Bench for more details.

Current News

- I have an eBay Store NOW! Check it out HERE (Tools, Colored heat shrink tubing, small fans and more!)

- I'm begining work on the R/C Model section and hope to get something on here soon.

- Check out my latest R/C model rebuild HERE. It is a Tamiya Avante. This car is very collectible and hard to find.


My BEAM Archive

I would like to begin building my complete On-Line BEAM Library one of these days. The plan is to have my entire library easily accessible through this site. Currently, you have to download a collection of compressed folders and de-compress them to create the library on your computer. Want your own copy of my BEAM library, check out the BEAM Archive page.


Radio Controlled Models

I would like to eventually make an R/C model section on this site. For now though, I will just share the pages I have had time to create.

Here are a few of the recent collectible models I have owned and worked on.

Tamiya Avante (SOLD)

Vintage RC10 with Hot Trick Chassis (FOR SALE)

Vintage RC10 Gold Chassis (FOR SALE)

If a vehicle is FOR SALE, check out my eBay Store for pricing.


Other Stuff
- If there is something YOU would like to see on Robobugs.Net, feel free to drop me a line and gimme some ideas.

- I am also looking for some feedback on my site's color scheme and any viewing troubles or pleasures you may be having.


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